How can I make $100 a day?

As part of my online marketing strategy I often ask people on my list what they want to buy.

Now because no one really wants to buy anything I phrase the questions in such a way as to bring out what people are struggling with online with the view that I can create some info product that can make this problem go away for them.

Anyway I get the $100 a day question asked a few times and sometimes the figure is $50 a day but at the base of the question is “how can I make $X in X days/weeks/months”. There is usually an amount of money in a period of time.

It leads me to assume that some people’s freedom number is $50 a day and someone else’s freedom number is $100.

A freedom number is how much people need to make a day or a month to be able to live comfortably or replace their salary.

Anyway, my answer goes like this….

To make any kind of money online you need to SELL something (info product, ebook, videos, physical books, cars, clothes, gym memberships,leather bags,shoes, seminars, workshops etc)

To make a $100 a day

…. you need to sell something (that is worth $100/day)

Ask yourself…

1. Do I have something to sell for $100/day?

2. If not then am I willing to learn what to do to sell something for $100/day?

If you fall into the first category then cool. Start selling and make your $100 a day.

If you fall into the second category (a lot of people online do) then it’s time to do some research to find out what is selling for $100 so you can sell it.

Once you find something that sells for $100 you need to decide how many you will sell a day (10 at $10 each or 1 at $100)

Once you find this out you need to create it yourself or outsource the creation or look for an affiliate product that offers $100 as commissions, or buy Private Label Rights and sell it for $100 or get others to sell it for you.

I hope this makes sense.

High Ticket Items vs Low Ticket Items

Find the product that you can sell for $100 and then sell it for $100

If you are able to sell one product for $100 in 1 day then your daily quota is done

If you are able to sell 10 products for $10 then you would have still met your daily quota.

Let’s call the $100 product a high ticket item and the $10 product a low ticket item.

You only have to sell a few high ticket items to make the money we want (1/day).

You do have to sell more low ticket items to reach the same amount of money (10/day)

We have to make a choice then to sell Low Tickets or High Tickets.

Whichever one you choose will have an impact on your marketing.

Here’s an interesting fact.

Low ticket items are bought on a whim. Basically people don’t mind spending $7-$10 on a product however they will think twice before committing to buy a $100 product because a $10 product is bought on trust.

Do you have this trust?

If not then you might have to start small.

This means you have your $100 product but you do not try to sell it to your audience right off the bat. Instead you build trust starting with a $7 product and move up from there.

Email marketing is great for trust building so you would really want to consider building an email list and creating a product funnel. In your product funnel you can have products for $7 then $47 and then $97.

Each product would be increasing in value as the price goes up.

Obviously you would have more people buying your $7 and fewer buying your $97 product

Once you got things going you will soon be selling 1 $97 ($100) product a day.

I encourage you to look for a product that sells for $100 and then learn how to sell it for $100

You must start selling that product (1 or 10 a day) to make your $100 a day.

I hope this helps

Will D

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More Accumulation than Implementation?

More Accumulation than Implementation?

Are you buying more more information in those subjects that interest you in the hope that you find that answer that you’ve been looking for for so long?

Thing is if you keep buying more and more information you also have to review the information which means you will constantly be spending time doing this. I liken it to constant research.

A case of More Accumulation than Implementation ;-(

I’ve learned from past experiences online that some of the time I spent doing research could have been spent actually trying out the information that I was gathering from my research in the first place. I don’t know is this the same with you?

Let me ask you this… Do you have a system in place to use the information that you have gathered so far from all your research? Seriously if you just keep buying more and more stuff and never really check it out to see if it actually works then you might be wasting money on stuff you do not even need!

How do I know?

Well I can answer that in just four words… Been there done that …

I will not waste your time here but to say when I realised I was constantly researching and hoping I’d find the missing link I simply decided to do what other successful Internet marketers were doing that is trying out the information that they had researched so far. Basically, try out the techniques, strategies, tactics, loopholes, magic and so on.

I then looked for a way to hold these people accountable. I set up what I wanted to do say build a list and then tried out the list building strategies that fit what I was doing.

I did not just watch the videos instead I did what they said with a view of seeing if it would work for me and if it didn’t I was going to ask why from the person I bought it from. I was not going to dump the training and my hard earned money to go looking for another course to answer the questions the last training had just raised.

Most people shy away from this and instead simply buy the product and hope for the best.

Anyway, I then decided to take things one step further and got coaching. Obviously this can be a costly option and set me back a few thousand dollars but t was well worth it.

Another question for you.

How much have you spent so far buying one $7 product here and one $47 there and a couple of free downloads and being on lots of lists trying to learn something? You might be surprised how much it comes to in the end and you probably are still struggling. Maybe you should get coaching too. I am not trying to sell you coaching by the way but just trying to highlight the fact that you really need to know what you need to know so you can move on.

I discovered there really was no point learning so many systems in so many ways from so many different marketers. There is no one way to make money online. Every marketer has their own way. They have found their own way through taking action on what they know works or at least working it until it works.

Seriously grab a coaching course or a mentor and learn what you have to THEN DO IT! I doubt you will spend more on coaching than you already have done. Ouch!

No point chasing so many different systems and being distracted or worse trying to cobble together so many different systems by so many different people some of whom I have no idea if they have actually done what they said they had done or they had just researched it.

I can confidently say to you that I now know all I need to know to make money online. I don’t chase loopholes, secrets and so on as much as I used to before (I still buy the odd ‘magic pill’ sometimes just to see what is being sold out there).

The difference is now I quickly reviewed the tactics in the training and because I have my own system set up I am able to tell if it works or not. I can discard it if it doesn’t.

Basically, I don’t download them and leave them on my hard drive for months on end….and then go and buy the next ‘magic pill’ or 3 clicks to $1 million button.

You will find that the marketers actually making money online are the ones who are taking action. They learn and then they put into action what they have learned AND they evaluate the RESULTS.

They are then able to SELL those results to others who want to get the same results.

My advice is quite simply this …learn something that really interests you then do it until you get results from your actions.

Now look for others who want to know how to do what you just did successfully.

And dare I say… Charge some money for it. Be reasonable.

You can see this will not work for those with the mindset that everything online ought to be free.  It has taken me sometime to put this article together and the clock did not stop for me to do it. It carried on counting its seconds and minutes so my time certainly means something. Nothing really is free bu that is a subject for another day.

So, Charge money for RESULTS not theory.

Go for More Implementation than Accumulation 😉

I hope this helps so that you can get down to getting results and helping others get results too…

How important is your goal to you in 2015…and are you going to achieve it?

In this article I just want to briefly discuss how important your goal is to you and how to achieve it without letting distractions win the day or year.
First of all you need to define your goal after some careful thinking and then secondly Work out a plan to achieve it.
Seems obvious but many people simply stop at writing down what they want but not what they have to do to achieve it so…
The purpose of this piece is to help you make sure you do what you have to to make the goals happen as opposed to taking the lottery approach and hoping the right numbers will fall in place…somehow.
Let’s therefore look at one of the things that can drown those plans to achieve your goals.


You need to be aware of those things that are really noise. They come with a lot of buzz and pull you away from achieving your goals. Let’s face it, anything that you allow to take up your time when you ought to be doing something else is really a time waster and will stand in your way of success.
Your goals need to be top priority so you can assign all your energies, efforts and whatever resources you need to get the job done and in the shortest time possible. It is likely that if you allow your goals to be ambushed by distractions then maybe your goals are not really a big deal for you or it is possible they are even unrealistic.
What’s it for you?
Too hard?
Too trivial?
Get it sorted. If the ding of an email or skype is getting in your way you really are going to have to ask yourself what is more important to you.
The distraction or the goal. Anything you are spending a lot of time on is really what you want to do by default. It becomes a habit and will become difficult to dislodge if you do not cut it off in a timely fashion.
I guess recognising this is very very important.
Anything holding you back is effectively what you have permitted to hold you back so you will have to deal with it and fast too if you are to achieve your goals that you know will move you along in life.
I really hope that has helped you deal in some way with treating your goal with the priority it
rightly deserves.
Will D.

What are you selling?

I read something that prompts me to ask this.

It sounds like a pretty obvious question but a very important one.

There are a lot of things being sold online and it is good to stop
and ask – what are they selling?

Product, information, hand holding?

Now let’s bring it home and ask ourselves – what am I selling?

Examples –
when I think of a Mercedes Benze car I think Luxury.

So they are selling luxury.

– TAG watches – cutting edge technology

– Rolex- status

– Apple – Innovation

– constantly sending buy me buy me emails to your list? –
just after my monney.

– ClickBank, Commission Junction, Paydotcom, Payspree,
JVZoo and Simple One Click – accessibility.

Time was when you needed a merchant account to sell online
and it cost an arm and a leg so enter…

Software – time saving…and so on.

Okay I hope this all makes sense and that you will take some
time to think about what you are selling as this may not be
what your subscribers or customers or clients see when you
are SELLING to them.

I guess this is why companies spend a lot of monney on branding.
They are trying to make a statement about what they are selling.
It is not necessarily the product itself.

I’ll leave you with this quote by Sandra Beckwith I read on a blog.

…we need to figure out what we WANT to sell (maybe vs. what we
ARE selling).

What are you selling?

Answer this before you start selling.

List Building – Why Build a List Anyway?

An obvious question no doubt but it pays to get the foundation right so……Let me try to explain with this scenario, (one often played out nearly every other day online)Newbie Internet Marketer (NIM) from now on, gets online and signs up to an affiliate program that pays 75 % commissions for product
sold at $100 each.Newbie then sends traffic (using Pay Per Click) to that affiliate website.

Research shows that it will usually take about 7-10 visits to a particular website for our Newbie to make a sale.

So for argument sake lets say that for every 1000 clicks (remember this is all paid for) 10 sales are made on first visit to this website

Lets see how our NIM got on.

$100(Product) X 10 (Sales) = $1000 (Income)

Taking off  25% for the product owner = $750

1000 clicks @ .25c per click = $250

Therefore NIM makes profit  = $750 – $250 = $500

Yippee! Great. So what next? Let’s go get some more traffic for another 10 sales. If we do it 10 times we make $5000…

Yep, but WAIT…

…lets look at what has really happened here.

What we have here is 1000 clicks, 10 sales, $500 cash and no repeat income (sales).

Putting it another way, there are 990 potential buyers who NIM has not considered. They may NEVER return to NIM’s website ever again.

Now I don’t know about you but I am certainly not in the habit of bookmarking sites and even when I do I simply do not return.

Anyway, from another purchase of 1000 clicks we would probably stand to lose 1980 potential buyers. Not good.

I should also mention that a good number of these 1980 would have left their details if NIM gave them the opportunity. Now they will end up on the affiliate product owners list. After all our NIM has no list building system in place. The site owner would no doubt have lead capture forms in place to capture names and addresses. Harsh but true.

So what’s the point?
Research has shown that there is no guarantee that the 1980 non buyers will return to NIM’s affiliate website therefore NIM (not his affiliate product owner) MUST have a list building system in place to capture their contact details so he/she can follow them up.

He can then get them to return to his website sales page again and again by educating, persuading and offering incentives to encourage

them to make a purchase of the product he is promoting or some other one. In short, NIM gets the opportunity to make the extra 7-10 exposures or visits necessary to make a sale (this is where auto responders earn their place in IM).

And what Do I Know?

I have drawn the example above from my own personal experience starting out online a couple of years ago when pay per click was the rave.

I ran a Google AdWords campaign for an affiliate product and of course made some sales and got the names of buyers but of course not the names and addresses of non buyers. Nothing against my affiliate web site owner but since I was not building my list I was helping him build his. Yep. Again, harsh but true.

My commissions were paid on time and I learnt a lot about online marketing.  I put it all down to learning. I had names of buyers but nothing to follow up with. It was a cash in hand job. Don’t make the same mistake. Start building a list before you start to promote any online venture. This should be your online mission.

Get them on your list then redirect them where you want.

TIP: Send your prospects to your lead capture page first before you send them to your affiliate web sales page.   You can’t do this if you are not building a list can you?


It should come as no surprise then when you hear claims that an online marketer sent one email to their list and made $25,000 in 36 hours or something similar. Do you think this is possible? Is it all hype? Build your list and you can answer that question for yourself.  I’ll tell you for free though that it is not all hype at all.

I hope the above scenario helps to explain why your online Mission simply MUST be to build a list before starting or even contemplating any product promotion online or offline.

In fine, to really make it online (no matter your niche – including eBay and or Amazon) you must have your own list of subscribers.

Once I realised the importance of building an email list I quickly set about learning the basics like building a list building website using a squeeze page, creating a simple giveaway product and setting up my auto responder. This was from over 5-6 years ago and though I am no guru but I have gone from no list to multiple lists, what about you?

Consider this, you build a list to about 500 or 5000; you build a relationship with them and find out what they need help with. You then send an appropriate offer to your list via your autoresponder. Some will buy and some will not. The percentage that buys from you makes money for you!  Isn’t that why you are online?


STOP WASTING M0NEY! If you are not presently building a list I strongly advise you not to buy the next ‘best’ program until you have your list building system in place. It’s that serious.

If you are not building your own list then… you are building someone else’s!

Build your own list step by step!

Questions? Comments?

Send them to askwilld [@] I would love to hear from you.


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Can you really get rich selling $7 books?

Can you really get rich selling $7 books?

Tough question that.

The truthful answer is ‘yes’ BUT it is a tough way to do it.

It is not made easy by the fact that on a day to day basis we actually see a

lot of promotions are in the $7 type of range making it seem like the way to go.

Let’s see how feasible it is to actually get rich selling $7 videos or ebooks.

To make $100k from a $7 ebook would mean…

…selling 14,285 copies a year


…selling 1,190 copies per month to make $8330 a month


…selling 40 copies a day in order to make $280 a day

Make sense so far?


We would just have to sell 40 copies each day for a year to make $100k.


It certainly is doable BUT who wants to do it?

It is an enormous task to accomplish with a $7 product.

The reason is due to conversion rates.

Let’s see.

If your sales page converts at 4% (that is 4 out of every 100 visitors become

buyers) then you would need 1,000 visitors  a day to your sales page.


So each 1,000 visitors = 40 buyers

so 5,000 visitors = 200 buyers

and 10,000 visitrs = 400 buyers

and 20,000 visitors = 800 buyers

and 40,000 visitors = 1,600 buyers

and so on

Quite frankly that’s just a lot of work for a $7 ebook.


Yes…there is a smarter way.

Let’s hear it!

Basically, you want to make more money with a smaller number of visitors to your

website because traffic conversions are not as easy as getting trafic itself.

I don’t care what others may say but traffic either costs you money or time or both.

Traffic conversion is another kettle of fish.

Take it from someone who started off using Google Adwords over 6 years ago and

then went on to write articles for traffic generation.

Moving on then…

Rather than trying to sell $7 products think of a higher ticket item you can sell.

That could be a 10 part Home Study Course for say $497 for instance.

Then sell the summary of 1 part as your $7 entry level product.

Once someone buys you want to convert them to a $497 buyer. That may seem like a

rather simplistic idea but that’s the plan to not waste all that traffic.

I have to point out that you would have to sell real value for $497 or whaterver but

it gives your buyer a more realistic prospect of achieving their online goal and you

making your $100k.

I have enrolled on coaching courses for $1997 and bought stand alone products for

$3-$97. I think my first $97 product was an ebook maybe 7 years ago! I don’t think

anyone buys ebooks for that amount of money anymore.

Anyway, I needed to further my online training so I purchased the high tickets. You

don’t get everything you are looking for in a $7 product. I create my own stuff and

know this to be true. I cannot realistically stuff all I know into a $7 ebook just as I

could not write all I knew in a 500 word article.

Moving on…

A $7 product can tell you ‘what to do’ but it just does not show you enough of ‘how to

do’. It just can’t. It would be unwieldy at 377 pages!

A higher ticket item on the other hand should have some sort of interaction and

 feedback system built in.


$1,997 x 10 = $19,970 (lesser number of buyers yet more money)

on the other hand

$10 x 1997 copies = $19,970 (a lot more buyers for the same money!)

No kidding but to make the big money you need to create and sell high ticket items.

The alternative is to sell a gazillion copies of your $7 ebook then what?

Sell some more $7 ebooks?

The real money is in the back end…the $497 or $1997 high ticket item.

You don’t start with the $1,997 item because no one knows you at first. Let’s face it

if I presented you with a $497 or $1997 product the first time you met me online

you would probably be very wary of me. Perfectly understandable too.

On the other hand we don’t need too much convincing to buy a $7 product.

In all honesty and I have sold a number of premium ticket items, the actual content is

probably no different to what is in a $7 ebook BUT the teaching is much deeper.

It will usually have some or all of the following.

– deeper instruction

– videos to show what needs to be done

– audio recording of live coaching

– personal coaching or email access

– private members forum

– question and answer sessions

– consultation and/or evaluation sessions

– and so on.

Basically I have paid small money to learn how to build a list for instance then gone

on to pay big money for a more detailed training like how to build a profitable online

business. One is part and one is whole where you put all the little pieces together

to get the full picture.

So you start out selling the small money course which forms part of the big money

course. The big money course is really what you are trying to sell…all the time.

Thing is you cannot sell the premium products if you don’t have any.

The small money training is to see who raises their hands so you can help them with

deeper training. Admittedly not everyone needs deeper training. You are however

creating stuff for those who do.

Make sense so far?


Rather than creating a $7 product and then chasing thousands and thousands of

visitors to your site why not create a $97 or $497 course so you can sell less using

the very same traffic – the buyers of your $7 product!

I think that’s enough for today. Let’s continue in the next email to talk about the actual

product creation and creating what people want to buy because they need it.

Watch out for that email.

I am eager to know if and how useful this information has been for you.

Please send me any questions or comments you may have about what we have

mentioned so far.


Will D Kingshouse

Is product creation really important to the success of your online business?


I want to talk about Product Creation a bit..  I hope I can show you                                   some insight as to why I think it is important to the success of your                             online business …and not just mine.

Okay, let’s get started.

A lot of things online are supposed to have happened or should happen in                                        a flash.

It’s quite strange but if you did not get the desired results in a flash it’s like

you are a failure or your product is not going to work. 

I think this ‘flash phenomenon’  has kept a lot of marketers in business.

Yes, because we all seem to want the push button traffic and instant subscribers 

and so on. Very little mention is made of product creation which really does not                  happen in a flash.

Incidentally, each time we do buy one of those push button things we are buying a           product!

I believe some marketers capitalise on the fact that people don’t like the four letter 

word W-O-R-K so they go along creating ‘products’ but call them ‘flashes’

Here is the kicker though. The $7 entry level products are not what makes them money 


It is the fact they have a number of different products they can sell to their list of buyers.

If what you are looking for is long term wealth then you should not be spending too 

much time on $7 products either. Ooops.  Moving on then….let’s try a question.

Got a list?

Most people build lists and then send loads of affiliate offers to make money.

What I really mean is that they stay on the $7 level. You have to admit that 

it can get quite boring when every other email is an offer to buy something 

and usually within the same price range say $7-$37.

If all you have been doing is sending affiliate offers to your list however big 

or small it has to be said that you are not just blowing away a huge amount of traffic 

but you are also sending your list or buyer off to someone else’s stuff and inviting the 


Of course this doesn’t mean you should only sell your products as afterall you 

may not be able to provide all the training products your list or customers need.

That said, you have to consider to what extent you are prepared to lose buyers

and subscribers for a commission particularly if you clearly have no products of

your own.

How do you deal with the competition you have now created?

You have to accept that you have increased the number of emails your subcriber will

now receive – your emails and those of the other marketer.

One way or the other a choice has to be made between your emails and those                             of the other marketer.

Think about the impact this competition will have on…

…your open rates for instance. 

Email marketing is still one of the top ways that sales are made online as it 

allows you to inexpensively build a customer base and keep in touch.

If people are not however opening your emails because you just keep sending them all

over the internet when they do open your emails then they can’t click on your 

offers either.  Just sending your list from one new website to the next for a fast 

buck is a sure way to become invisible. This will inevitably lead to unsubcribes 

and ignored emails. 

I strongly believe you should create products to meet the needs of your list 

and not just trying to sell the next best thing because it promises some flash.

Get to know the people on your list – they are your market. Allow them get to know 

you and the ‘tailor made’ solutions you can provide…and yes some of this will

have to be from affiliate products but it will be to meet a need – not for a fast buck.

With your own products you can attract affiliates to your offer for a commission.

You actually can solve your traffic problem this way by building a buyers list. 

Rather than simply sending offer after offer we can build a list, find out what our

list needs help with, create or source the solution to sell it or give it away for 



Creating Content for your niche

Hi It’s Will D here and in this post I want to look at Creating                                                     Content for your niche. You might have heard it said that                                                 Content is King online. Even Google needs it!

To create any meaningful content for your niche you will                                                      need to find out what problems people in your niche are facing.

It goes without saying hat your audience will be more
responsive if you are actually helping them deal with a
problem or challenge they are having.

You basically want to create relevant content (solutions)
to address these problems/challenges for your audience.

It goes without saying that if you do not know what
the problems in your niche are then you have got no way of
knowing what solutions or products to create.

Trying to force people to buy something from you that they
have not asked for is not always a good strategy.

I am sure you have probably received offers for products that
you know for sure will be of no use to you. In other words
that product does not solve your problem and because this is
the case you will simply not buy it.

There are several ways you can find out what the problems
in your niche are.

Let’s now look at a few of them.

1. Forums
One way of finding out what the people in your niche are
having problems with is to go to the places where people
in your niche hang out. For instance the forums.

People on forums, come together to talk about nearly
everything that relates to their niche. They will ask
questions of other forum members to help them with their
problem. What you will also find is that there will be a good
number of forum members posting solutions to these problems.

What you then need to do is to visit these forums and see what
questions are going unanswered. Once you’ve got say about
10 to 15 of these questions, you can go and do some research
and find out the answers and put together a short report.

You can then let the forum know that you have a report
that has answers to their problem. Most forums allow you
a signature link at the bottom of each post. You will have to
check what the rules of your chosen forum are as they frown
upon people who seem to be spamming the forum. Make
sure your report is good quality information that you are
helping the forum with.
Those that download your report are sure to be more targeted
than you guessing what people want in your niche.

2. Ask!
Another way to find out what people in your niche are
having problems with is to simply ask your list (if you have
one). Once you get the answers you can put a report or audio
or video together to address the problem.

3. Visit Blogs
You can visit blogs in your niche and again find out
what questions people are asking.

4. Visit Yahoo Questions
You can also visit Yahoo questions online to find out
what questions people are asking.

5. Check out other market places
How about visiting Google, Amazon, eBay, Ezinearticles
or other such sites to find out what is popular. Most times
this indicates what people want. It is a simple matter of
demand and supply.
As you can see this is certainly not rocket science and
it is quite easy for anyone to do the things I listed here.
Take those questions and research them and provide answers.
This might seem like a lot of work (an it is) however you will
be learning a lot more about your niche than a lot of people in
your niche. You will be POSITIONING yourself as an EXPERT.

Your solution:
Just write your answers like you are writing a few articles and
you can even submit them to places like for
further recognition as an expert.

One main benefit of all this research is that you are not guessing
what people in your niche want since they have told you what they

A lot of people do not relish having to create their own product.
The way around this is to get someone else to do it for you or
simply purchase Private Label Rights and edit it accordingly.

Once you’ve got your product together you can then offer
it on your opt in page for free or at a low cost.

If you sell it you will be building a list of proven buyers – this
is actually the best list you can get.

Please note that I am not talking about a 60 or 100 page
report. You just need enough information to get people
to your landing page or squeeze page, 10-15 pages will get
read quickly.

Of course once they join your list you can then create more
elaborate training for them.

You can post your solutions to blogs, article directories
and even to your list.
I hope this helps.

If you have any questions on anything I have discussed here
please send me an email at:

If you need help with creating content for your niche then the
following resource may be of help to you…

Have a great day!
><> Will DeMarro

Something for the weekend!


I used to do this maybe a year or two ago and thought let’s try
doing it again.

I look for something I think appropriate and send out for the

You might therefore get 2 emails from me. Please don’t get
mad. I saw this and thought it useful as it does answer some
of the questions I have been asked recently or in the past or
that I have even asked myself. I write a lot but I can’t possibly                                              write everything.

Questions like…

What do I sell?

Where to get product ideas?

Will they buy something that expensive?

Is there a market for that?

How do you protect your download? (see posts 21-23)

How much should I sell my product afterall everyone else seems
to be selling for $7?

Is the Warrior Forum just full of people who want o buy $7

Is it just hype that people make $10,000 a month online?

and so on

Anyway you will find this story not so spectacular but it is
what worked for this Warrior and he chose to share. I have some
of his products too and without sounding silly there was really
not much there that made me go wow!

That said I have not yet made $25,000 in a month so I was
willing to learn.

If you are in the same boat as me then maybe you could learn
something here.

I’ll shut up and let you go check out the article.

Let me know what you think of it.

Have a great weekend!

God Bless

Will D

PS Check out the number of ‘Thanks’. I believe it’s because this article helped them. Did it help you?