Finding Your Niche: Is Your SPIEL for Sale…Why not if not?

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The way I understand it is that to make money online or offline for that matter you need to sell something.

Now rather than selling something popular or chasing after top sellers, best sellers that sort of thing at Amazon or Ebay or JVZoo even though that does work how about asking yourself what have I to sell?

In other words what have you to offer your target market or your target audience?
Think time, skill, expertise, experience and so on. The simple formula that’s worked for me is what I call the SPIEL. It simply means a story or yourself sales pitch.

Let’s look at the letters in SPIEL

S is for Story
…so the question is what is your story personally I do have a story and it is that a couple of years back I launched a product called “Build a list step by step!” I put together an Information Product based on what I had learnt about list building and marketing. I put this information product together and shared it basically on the affiliate networks like simple one click as it was at the time and the Warrior Forum and I didn’t start with any affiliate or joint venture partners but I was able to generate $870 and build a buyers list of 170.

Just for transparency, none of this set or broke any records online. I also had some issues with the software I used and had to take time out to sort things during the launch.

I believe I could have made more money at the time than the $870 that I just mentioned but basically that is my story.

With all that said, it was clear to me that my SPIEL (story) was worth money and because it was worth money I was then able to start working on how to scale up my a business so I could make even more money and have even more of a story. Make sense?

P is for Passion.
What’s the one thing that you would do first if you got given $500,000? That’s a question you need to ask yourself because that would be some indication as to what your passion is. It does not however include lying down on e deckchar on the beach somewhere sipping pina coladas. We are talking about working and earning a regular income. So what is your passion?

I is for interest
…what things interest you? I don’t know it may be repairing cars or tinkering with computers, could you repair computers for people could you install software could you install WordPress or come up with your own software that might help people to solve a problem that they have with WordPress and so on?

E stands for expertise
…similar to you interest what are the things that you are an expert in. Some people have gathered considerable experience over time and they’ve become experts in that particular area so what area is this for you? There might be somebody out there who is interested in your expertise to the point that they want to pay money for it.


L stands for learning
…what are you willing to learn to help you to achieve your goal online or offline to make money? And are you willing to teach others what you have learnt. I earlier gave my story where I had put together an information product so that others could know how to build a list.

It really comes down to looking for problems that people have then learning what you need to so you can solve those problems or if you’re already an expert in a particular subject area you simply share your expertise with them for free or for a price.

I was watching the Proactive commercial on a Sky channel and it showed people who had suffered from outbreaks and were miserable as it affected their confidence levels. Do you think their problem was solved when they found Proactive? Well of course and they said so.

Got a story about how you dealt with outbreaks of acne or pimples or whatever somebody somewhere probably wants to know how they can deal with their outbreak of acne and that’s a story that you have that you shouldn’t keep to yourself.

Seriously, what’s your story? Are you going to tell it? Are you going to offer it for sale?

You need to share it with others so that they too can enjoy the benefits that you did.


Are You Sitting on A Bestseller but just don’t know it?

Are You Sitting on A Bestseller but just don’t know it?

One question that gets asked in many many different ways but all comes down to the same question is “how to make money online?”

I understand why this question is frequently asked because there seems to be so many ways to actually make money online and we often get carried away with the loopholes the strategies, the tactics and the magic and all sorts of other things that are used to describe quick and simple ways to make money online.

What it really comes down to is one simple thing and that is that to make money online you need to sell something! You need to give something of value in exchange for money. It could be a service or product. The product can be a tangible one like a book on Amazon or Ebay or a digital download like on Clickbank or JVZoo.

Now we know in simple terms what we need to do to make money we can focus next on “what can you sell?” or if you like “what thing of value do you have to sell?” You know that one thing that someone will give you money for. Basically if you’re not selling anything then you’re not making money either. It is that simple.

So, what have you got to offer your niche market? I know there are lots of books and video training telling you to simply go to places like clickbank or Amazon and look for the best sellers there or the top sellers or Product of the Day on JVZoo or Warrior Plus or some other place but wait! Let’s try something different.

Why don’t you try to sell something that is unique to you. Something of your own, something from your experience or expertise or even something that you’ve learnt and are willing to teach others so that they know it too and they can enjoy the same results as you had.

Does this sound too simple? Or does it sound a bit complex?

Seriously why don’t you find out what you have to offer and then see if anyone else is interested in learning about it.
Find out how much people are charging for how much people are willing to pay to learn what you already know.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised what problems people are having and what people are paying for the solutions.


Finding out is not at all complicated. Go to Google and enter a keyword phrase that best describes something you know or something you have experience in or something you can teach others to do.

If you can set up a beautiful WordPress website could you teach someone else how to do the same…or design and install such a site for a busy person? …and charge money for it?

You don’t think anyone would pay for that? Well, let’s be honest here how would you know without even checking?

There is no need to reinvent the wheel here. You may already have something to sell but you just don’t know what it’s worth. So it makes sense to follow the advice I’ve given above and find out what you have and what it’s worth.

We’ve established here that to make money online you need to sell something and you may already possess that something but you’ll never know until you check. So before you rush off to sell the bestsellers see if you already have a bestseller or topseller yourself that could be making money for you.

If you need a bit more detail on how to find out What to sell in your niche or How to find out what you already have to sell and determine it’s profitability then check out my other videos…they are free by the way.

I hope this helps.

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5 Questions to Find Your Niche & its Profitability!

5 Questions to Find Your Niche & its Profitability!

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Are you lost when it comes to starting an info business and just don’t know where to start? Seriously, let’s start by finding your niche.

In order to build an info business that you will be happy with you do need to know what your story is, your passion, your interests, your expertise or experience and what you are willing to learn to make it all happen. I call it your SPIEL (as in your story).


Today we are going to ask 5 questions that will help you find your niche and also determine its profitability …using your SPIEL.

Let’s begin.

1. Ask yourself “What is my SPIEL?”

Grab 5 sheets of paper or open 5 word docs and put S then P then I then E then L on each one.

Here is what each letter stands for.

S– Story. What’s your story? List your achievements.

Take time and write your story it does not have to be very long.

PPassion. What are you passionate about? Write it down. I mean what would you do if you were given $500k today? (sorry but no sitting on the beach answer ;-))

IInterest. What interests you? Travel? Cooking? Baking? Teaching others?

Make a list.

EExpertise/Experience. What experience do you have? What are you an expert in? What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?

Can you teach it?

Make a list.

I have a very good friend who worked for the local council in their Traffic Department. He has a masters in Traffic Management and with his work ecxperence of a few years working with the Council he started his own Consulting business and is doing quite well.

LLearn. What are you willing to learn? What would you like to learn to become an expert in? …so that you can teach others?

In my younger years I played semi pro volley ball and was prepared to share what I had learned with others. I was willing to learn how to be a Coach and get the relevant qualifications to make this happen. I hope this makes sense.

Seriously take your time to do this and be honest with yourself. Find your SPIEL first. Let your niche come out of what you are good at or have experience in and not just a fancy wish or the lure of cash.

Also take a deep look at what comes tops in your spiel and rank things accordingly. It is probably easier to simply find what is selling and sell it but what about selling something you really believe in and that people really need help in? You won’t check out when the going gets tough. This is why it is better to follow your spiel in my honest opinion.

Take note of the following questions and answer them to help you complete this exercise.

What obstacles have you overcome in your life?

What would you like to do if money was not an obstacle? (does not include sitting on a beach somewhere ;-))

What do you do after work (if you are in fulltime or part time work)

What do you do at work?

What are you learning to do?

What are you really good at?

What would you like to be good at?


2. Is anyone else interested in my SPIEL?

Take a few of the word phrases that best describe your SPIEL and do some Keyword research to see if anyone else is interested in what you have to offer.

If you have a story about how you set up your blog then check to see if anyone else is interested by entering “setting up your blog” in your favourite search engine.

You want to find out what phrases people are using to express their problems as it relates to setting up a blog.

This is what I got…


Check out the “People also ask”. This shows people are interested as they are even asking questions. Do you have the answers?

Can you put together an info product guide to help people who want to set up a blog? Basically… can you teach them to do it successfully?

You can take each of these questions people also asked and do further keyword research to see what other questions people are asking.

Now check the other results. Click on the links to read the articles, blogs, sales pages etc. See what people are doing in your subject area.

Make a note of the sites that interest you.


3. What Problems are people struggling with?

Visit sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers, popular niche blogs, YouTube and see what questions or comments people are leaving. Of course remember the questions asked at 2.

Do you have an email list? If you do then do a survey to find out what their problems are.

The answers are what people need help with and will therefore pay money for if you were to provide a solution in the form of an info product guide, manual or software.

Does your SPIEL cover these problems?

Write down the questions that are frequently asked


4. Is my SPIEL profitable?

Of course bear in mind the most important question here is if anyone is interested enough to buy an info product on “setting up a blog” for instance and not just asking questions on a blog or Forum.

We can start by checking to see if anyone is spending money on advertising in this area.


4.1 Are there any adverts?

Here is what I got when I did a search…

You can see the word Ad under the first line of the light blue clickable link. Copy the website and check to see what they are offering (I try no to click on the clickable links otherwise the marketer pays for that research click).


4.2 Is anyone making a purchase?

To answer this question we want to go to buying platforms like Clickbank or JVZoo or Amazon or Ebay and/or WarriorPlus and enter our keyword phrase in the search engine there to see if any marketer is selling products on this subject AND if people are buying.

At (a big affiliate network) I entered my keyword phrase to see if anything is being sold here and if it is selling well. My phrase was “making money with blogs” but you can start with “blogging” or any keyword for that matter and refine your keywords as you go along.

You would have to do some more research to find out how much people are prepared to pay for your SPIEL.

Simply click on the sales page links to see what other marketers are selling their products for.

Basically if you were to put a “How to make money with a blog” type of product on the market. You would have to find out what format they want this guide in, example PDF or Video or audio or a combination of all.

Note products and their formats and prices and websites

At Warrior Plus

Click on the links to see the sales pages.


At Amazon I got the following…clearly blogging info products are being sold here.


What next?

Time to get serious and build a website around your SPIEL. Seriously, until you start DOING things to get your business off the ground not much will happen at all.

Put your SPIEL to the test by creating a product accordingly and making it available for sale to your target audience. See what happens.

By the way you can test your SPIEL with a for sale product or one you give away for free on your blog and then ask your list further questions as to what they really need help with in setting up their blog. I hope this makes sense.

I hope you found this information useful.

If you prefer the video version you can watch it by clicking here>>



Productivity Online: Still Searching for the Missing Link?

Could this be why you are not getting results from all those info products you’ve downloaded?

Are you frustrated that you have been buying and downloading information product after information product with very little to show for it in your bank account.



You are probably looking for the so called missing link.

As a child growing up, I loved putting jigsaw puzzles together but it was very defeating when I would sometimes find there was a crucial piece missing.  It just made me want to keep looking for it until I found it otherwise the whole puzzle would just not be complete.

Ever felt like that?

This is probably why we go searching and buying more and more information in the form of ebooks, videos, webinars and what have you…basically whatever we can spend our money on and sometimes it’s borrowed money….like from our Credit card.

Anyway I have learned from past experience and after spending a few thousand dollars that the missing link we are looking elsewhere for is probably inside what we already have. We simply need to put what we have learned to the test to see if it works as the claims say rather than just relying on head knowledge.

What usually happens is that we buy stuff and having downloaded it to our computer we leave it there to gather digital dust rather than review it or evaluate it .

I think I have a fair idea why this is the case with most people.

It goes like this…

We see something that catches our fancy and we either give up our email address to have it for free or we buy the information problem is that shortly afterwards we see something else that also catches our fancy and that we think we must have and so we download that too.

We then take a look at the package and if the marketer has over delivered it means we have a lot more to look at than we bargained for. We have very little time to review this package and we soon receive an email asking us to click a link in it and off we go again…to accumulate more information and the cycle continues.

The end result being that the information we have is rarely evaluated never mind acted on and so we fail to get the results promised.

The other disadvantage is that we end up with information from so many different sources that it is just a challenge to see how it could all work together anyhow. 

We gather a little from here a little more from over there and so on. We have a lot of head knowledge but nothing has been implemented so we have no idea what works and what doesn’t. as we have not tested it.

Just knowing a lot but not really making any money is not good enough.

No kidding but after doing this over and over again it became quite clear that the time I had spent hopping from one site online to another could have been better spent.

Let me ask you this… Do you feel the same way…if so do you have a system in place to use the information that you have gathered so far from all your research? Seriously if you just keep buying more and more stuff and never really checking out to see if it actually works you will really not make much progress. How do I know?

Well I can answer that in just four words… Been there done that now I am not going to waste your time stating the obvious here but to share…how I got over this no results saga.

Firstly, when I realised that I was unconsciously looking for the missing link that probably did not exist I simply decided to do what successful Internet marketers were doing that is trying out and testing the information that they had received you know the techniques, strategies, tactics, loopholes, magic and whatever other names are used to describe them to see if they actually worked in real life.

Secondly, I did not stop there… I knew that I wanted to see results so I looked for a way to hold myself accountable by asking questions when I got stuck (and I did get stuck a few times).  I’d ask the marketer questions… surprsingly most replied and others didn’t but I can assure you I learnt a lot this way getting my questions answered and making progress. I didn’t simply abandone things once I hit a snag along the way instead I took action and here is the best part…I started seeing results.

Thirdly, having got into the habit of actully trying things out I then decided to invest in coaching as it was clear there is a whole lot of success out there but each successful marketer has their own method and you’d have to learn that persons method to have their kind of success. It made sense then to look for the person with the success was looking for and see if they had a Home Study Course or Coaching. I don’t have to say it cost money but it was well worth itto know what needed to rather than trying to reverse engineer everything or try to be smart and fail.

I really don’t want to learn everything just the bit that gets me the results I need.

So if you want to reduce the steep learning curve then a coach or mentor can show you their method and save you having to learn 7 other marketers methods and once you have success you can add your own stuff to it.

I basically stopped chasing so many different systems and am no longer trying to cobble together so many different systems by so many different people some of whom I have no idea if they had actually done what they even claim to have done.

No more chasing loopholes, secrets and the latest must and can’t do without inventions.  Don’t get me wrong I still buy training …e-books or videos occasionally but I quickly review them to see if they are of any benefit to me in my business which means I don’t download them and leave them on my hard drive for months on end. 

Fourthly, Ask more questions like is this a solution to a problem I have or just a fad?  Is it just something I want to buy because the sales copy is really pressing my buttons and thus pulling me in or is it my curiosity  or am I just in one of those states of mind to spend money no matter what?

You will have to accept that we still buy things based on emotions and then justify the purchase later logically so taking a step back before any purchase will do you good. Its worked for me.

In fine then it has to be said that the people making money online are those putting the strategies they’ve learned into action. At the end of the day Information is just that until you Act on it and it becomes alive and gets you results.

And to those emails screaming click this link well maybe you are going to be too busy doing things to get results that you have no real time for these emails.

Learn what you have to,

put what you have learned to the test and

get results

share your results with others

and dare I say…charge bit of money for it.

Anything you buy should improve your business rather than sit of your hard drive for ages so next time you download an info products determine to make it work for you! 

I hope you found this useful so that you can get down to getting results, saving time and making money.


What to sell online: 5 Strategies to help you decide

One of the simplest ways to make money online or offline for that matter is to sell something. I guess once you get over that you need to decide on what to sell to make the money?

So …how do you decide what to sell? The short and simple answer is we need to do some basic research.

In this article we will focus on five (5) strategies that will help you decide what to sell to make money online but first of all let’s start by answering why anyone would want to buy anything from you in the first place.

People will generally buy something from you if they believe your product or service is a solution to a problem they have.

Working then on the basis that people will buy problem solvers it makes sense to focus on what people are having problems or challenges with so you can provide a product or servce that offers the solution so you can of course sell it…and make money.

Okay here are the 5 proven strategies as promised to help you decide what to sell to make money online and cut out costly guess marketing.

1. Ask your target audience directly.

If you have an email list then without further delay send your list a broadcast asking questions like…What are you struggling with? or Is there anything I can help you with? Or what challenges are you having with so and so…

On your blog or YT channel ask people to leave a comment or question with whatever they need help with.

Depending on the number of replies/comments you get you will find that people generally have similar issues. Take note as you are looking at the building blocks for your next product! You can package your answers in a pdf or video and your target audience would be happy to pay for your solutions. You would be helping them with solutions to their pressing problems.

2. Note buying phrases on popular buying platforms like Clickbank, Warrior Plus, JVZoo, Amazon and Ebay to mention a few.

At the Warrior Plus platform I discovered the top 3 buyer keyword phrases were WordPress, PLR and Software.

Just a thought… What would happen if you were to create a WordPress plugin and offered the PLR or some other licence as the upsell?

What about a plugin lite version for free to build a subscriber list and the full version as an upsell or a monthly membership for anyone who wants the full features for to come.

These buyer keyword/phrases indicate the pain or problems people have and you can create or source products in these areas to meet their needs….and dare I say they will be happy to pay you handsomely for it.

3. What are people buying now?

It really is not difficult to find out what people are spending money on. Seriously, market platforms like Ebay, Amazon, Clickbank, Etsy, JVZoo or WarriorPlus and check out the best sellers. They are already arranged for you.

If you are already selling things then what are people buying from you? What are your bestsellers? Are you selling more of those? Yobu should.

Remember, people want to buy solutions to problems they have. A little reverse engineering will enable you know what problems each bestseller solves. Words like fast, compact, light, money saver, space saver, upgraded, new improved version, easy to maintain and so on are clues as to why people bought the product.

Not too long ago I bought a Nutribullet blender simply because of it’s faster chopping speed to what I already had at the time.

So read product reviews and FAQ’s. You can then create or source a product that solves the speed proplem or the price problem or the space problem and meet needs and get paid.

4. Ask: What’s trending in my niche?

This is another easy win. I subscribe to Ebay Trends and they send me what is trending. These are based on what people are buying more of now. It also show what searches people are making and the prices of the top items trending. Google trends is another area to look into as it does similar.

5. Ask: What questions are people asking?

Visit popular niche blogs and see what people are asking questions about. Vsit niche forums and do the same.

If you do a Webinar simply ask what people need help with. If you are on a webinar then listen out to what people are asking questions about.

Visit Quora or Yahoo answers and see what questions people are asking.

Look, there is huge competion out there and if you knew what people want to buy then it follows that you would know what to sell without guessing what people without trying to sell what everyone else is selling.

Do your research and discover what people want to buy by finding out what they are struggling with right now. Sell solutions and not just items or products because people want to pay for the solutions to their problems.

Now to find out what people need help with, create or outsource it, sell it and of course make money too.

I hope you found this helpful.

Will D

You can also listen to the audio version of this article at:


How to make $100 a day?

As part of my online marketing strategy I often ask people on my list what they want to buy.

Now because no one really wants to buy anything I phrase the questions in such a way as to bring out what people are struggling with online with the view that I can create some info product that can make this problem go away for them.

Anyway I get the $100 a day question asked a few times and sometimes the figure is $50 a day but at the base of the question is “how can I make $X in X days/weeks/months”. There is usually an amount of money in a period of time.

It leads me to assume that some people’s freedom number is $50 a day and someone else’s freedom number is $100.

A freedom number is how much people need to make a day or a month to be able to live comfortably or replace their salary.

Anyway, my answer goes like this….

To make any kind of money online you need to SELL something (info product, ebook, videos, physical books, cars, clothes, gym memberships,leather bags,shoes, seminars, workshops etc)

To make a $100 a day

…. you need to sell something (that is worth $100/day)

Ask yourself…

1. Do I have something to sell for $100/day?

2. If not then am I willing to learn what to do to sell something for $100/day?

If you fall into the first category then cool. Start selling and make your $100 a day.

If you fall into the second category (a lot of people online do) then it’s time to do some research to find out what is selling for $100 so you can sell it.

Once you find something that sells for $100 you need to decide how many you will sell a day (10 at $10 each or 1 at $100)

Once you find this out you need to create it yourself or outsource the creation or look for an affiliate product that offers $100 as commissions, or buy Private Label Rights and sell it for $100 or get others to sell it for you.

I hope this makes sense.

High Ticket Items vs Low Ticket Items

Find the product that you can sell for $100 and then sell it for $100

If you are able to sell one product for $100 in 1 day then your daily quota is done

If you are able to sell 10 products for $10 then you would have still met your daily quota.

Let’s call the $100 product a high ticket item and the $10 product a low ticket item.

You only have to sell a few high ticket items to make the money we want (1/day).

You do have to sell more low ticket items to reach the same amount of money (10/day)

We have to make a choice then to sell Low Tickets or High Tickets.

Whichever one you choose will have an impact on your marketing.

Here’s an interesting fact.

Low ticket items are bought on a whim. Basically people don’t mind spending $7-$10 on a product however they will think twice before committing to buy a $100 product because a $10 product is bought on trust.

Do you have this trust?

If not then you might have to start small.

This means you have your $100 product but you do not try to sell it to your audience right off the bat. Instead you build trust starting with a $7 product and move up from there.

Email marketing is great for trust building so you would really want to consider building an email list and creating a product funnel. In your product funnel you can have products for $7 then $47 and then $97.

Each product would be increasing in value as the price goes up.

Obviously you would have more people buying your $7 and fewer buying your $97 product

Once you got things going you will soon be selling 1 $97 ($100) product a day.

I encourage you to look for a product that sells for $100 and then learn how to sell it for $100

You must start selling that product (1 or 10 a day) to make your $100 a day.

I hope this helps

Will D

You can go one step further and learn How to make $300+ per day ($100k a year) or more by just giving stuff away.>> Click Here To Claim Your Free “Invite Only” Spot For The “$300+ Per Day Secrets” Online Workshop <<