List Building – Why Build a List Anyway?

An obvious question no doubt but it pays to get the foundation right so……Let me try to explain with this scenario, (one often played out nearly every other day online)Newbie Internet Marketer (NIM) from now on, gets online and signs up to an affiliate program that pays 75 % commissions for product
sold at $100 each.Newbie then sends traffic (using Pay Per Click) to that affiliate website.

Research shows that it will usually take about 7-10 visits to a particular website for our Newbie to make a sale.

So for argument sake lets say that for every 1000 clicks (remember this is all paid for) 10 sales are made on first visit to this website

Lets see how our NIM got on.

$100(Product) X 10 (Sales) = $1000 (Income)

Taking off  25% for the product owner = $750

1000 clicks @ .25c per click = $250

Therefore NIM makes profit  = $750 – $250 = $500

Yippee! Great. So what next? Let’s go get some more traffic for another 10 sales. If we do it 10 times we make $5000…

Yep, but WAIT…

…lets look at what has really happened here.

What we have here is 1000 clicks, 10 sales, $500 cash and no repeat income (sales).

Putting it another way, there are 990 potential buyers who NIM has not considered. They may NEVER return to NIM’s website ever again.

Now I don’t know about you but I am certainly not in the habit of bookmarking sites and even when I do I simply do not return.

Anyway, from another purchase of 1000 clicks we would probably stand to lose 1980 potential buyers. Not good.

I should also mention that a good number of these 1980 would have left their details if NIM gave them the opportunity. Now they will end up on the affiliate product owners list. After all our NIM has no list building system in place. The site owner would no doubt have lead capture forms in place to capture names and addresses. Harsh but true.

So what’s the point?
Research has shown that there is no guarantee that the 1980 non buyers will return to NIM’s affiliate website therefore NIM (not his affiliate product owner) MUST have a list building system in place to capture their contact details so he/she can follow them up.

He can then get them to return to his website sales page again and again by educating, persuading and offering incentives to encourage

them to make a purchase of the product he is promoting or some other one. In short, NIM gets the opportunity to make the extra 7-10 exposures or visits necessary to make a sale (this is where auto responders earn their place in IM).

And what Do I Know?

I have drawn the example above from my own personal experience starting out online a couple of years ago when pay per click was the rave.

I ran a Google AdWords campaign for an affiliate product and of course made some sales and got the names of buyers but of course not the names and addresses of non buyers. Nothing against my affiliate web site owner but since I was not building my list I was helping him build his. Yep. Again, harsh but true.

My commissions were paid on time and I learnt a lot about online marketing.  I put it all down to learning. I had names of buyers but nothing to follow up with. It was a cash in hand job. Don’t make the same mistake. Start building a list before you start to promote any online venture. This should be your online mission.

Get them on your list then redirect them where you want.

TIP: Send your prospects to your lead capture page first before you send them to your affiliate web sales page.   You can’t do this if you are not building a list can you?


It should come as no surprise then when you hear claims that an online marketer sent one email to their list and made $25,000 in 36 hours or something similar. Do you think this is possible? Is it all hype? Build your list and you can answer that question for yourself.  I’ll tell you for free though that it is not all hype at all.

I hope the above scenario helps to explain why your online Mission simply MUST be to build a list before starting or even contemplating any product promotion online or offline.

In fine, to really make it online (no matter your niche – including eBay and or Amazon) you must have your own list of subscribers.

Once I realised the importance of building an email list I quickly set about learning the basics like building a list building website using a squeeze page, creating a simple giveaway product and setting up my auto responder. This was from over 5-6 years ago and though I am no guru but I have gone from no list to multiple lists, what about you?

Consider this, you build a list to about 500 or 5000; you build a relationship with them and find out what they need help with. You then send an appropriate offer to your list via your autoresponder. Some will buy and some will not. The percentage that buys from you makes money for you!  Isn’t that why you are online?


STOP WASTING M0NEY! If you are not presently building a list I strongly advise you not to buy the next ‘best’ program until you have your list building system in place. It’s that serious.

If you are not building your own list then… you are building someone else’s!

Build your own list step by step!

Questions? Comments?

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