What are you selling?

I read something that prompts me to ask this.

It sounds like a pretty obvious question but a very important one.

There are a lot of things being sold online and it is good to stop
and ask – what are they selling?

Product, information, hand holding?

Now let’s bring it home and ask ourselves – what am I selling?

Examples –
when I think of a Mercedes Benze car I think Luxury.

So they are selling luxury.

– TAG watches – cutting edge technology

– Rolex- status

– Apple – Innovation

– constantly sending buy me buy me emails to your list? –
just after my monney.

– ClickBank, Commission Junction, Paydotcom, Payspree,
JVZoo and Simple One Click – accessibility.

Time was when you needed a merchant account to sell online
and it cost an arm and a leg so enter…

Software – time saving…and so on.

Okay I hope this all makes sense and that you will take some
time to think about what you are selling as this may not be
what your subscribers or customers or clients see when you
are SELLING to them.

I guess this is why companies spend a lot of monney on branding.
They are trying to make a statement about what they are selling.
It is not necessarily the product itself.

I’ll leave you with this quote by Sandra Beckwith I read on a blog.

…we need to figure out what we WANT to sell (maybe vs. what we
ARE selling).

What are you selling?

Answer this before you start selling.