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It’s Willi D Kingshouse here and thanks for landing on this page.

I beleive you have been and seen several sites online so I do not want to waste your time at all here.

I have been online for a few years now and have learned a lot through trial and co$tly error.

A lot has changed online, infact I remember buying an ebook for $97!  Now you can find them for free if you care to look or $7 at most of the Affiliate Platforms.

Anyway, I came online to make a few bucks. I had no plans to quit my job like most people.

I got myself an affiliate product and a certified Google Adwords pay per click agent and started driving search engine traffic to my sales page. I made sales but I was just braking even. Over a period of time it dawned on me that I ought to be Building a List.

Of course I had the names and email addresses of my buyers however I was not keeping in touch with them as I did not have an AutoResponder to help me keep in touch with them and find out how else I could be of help to them (I just did not see the need at the time to spend money on an autoresponder or webhosting).

I was simply ‘making 3-5 sales’ out of every 100 and then going to look for more ‘traffic’ via pay per click to my Affiliate Sales Page (Insanity???).

Having swallowed the pill ‘The Money Is In The List’, ‘The Money Is In The List’ and that you should be making $1000 if you have a list of 1000 people, I soon discovered that building a list did not mean I was making money … particularly when starting with giving away something for free first (Most people online still do this and it is effective for list building by the way but you need a lot more traffic).

Anyway, I now ‘sell’ a low priced product and build a buyers list on top of a ‘freebie’ list…I find the buyers list more responsive and really you want a responsive (buying) list if you are really going to make money in this business.

My advice is quite simply….You MUST sell something and build a list too! Don’t do one without the other.

Seriously, if that is all you take away from this page then I am a happy man.

You can sign up for free to learn how to build a list or make money creating your own info products by clicking on any of the relevant icons to the right of this message.

Okay, here is the longer version of my message to you….

– to make money online you need to sell a PRODUCT (yours or someone else’s)

– to real PEOPLE who want to buy it…

  • and People who want to PROMOTE it

– at a PRICE that suits them and you of course. – low PRICE is no guarantee people will buy your product in the thousands and most people selling or competing on low prices are either losing money or simply building a list of buyers for future product sales ;-)- low PRICE is no guarantee people will buy your product in the thousands and most people selling or competing on low prices are either losing money or simply building a list of buyers for future product sales 😉

– you need to find the PLACES where these real people hang out and invite them over to your site. Once they do you need to capture their names and email addresses to keep in touch with them.

– the big PAYDAYS come from selling high(er) priced Products…you will struggle to do this without a responsive list as no one wants to buy your $997 product or service the first time they meet you..

In a nutshell I discovered that making money online was certainly not something that happened overnight even though it seems so on most of the sales pages you read.

To make real money online you need to be prepared to do the things mentioned above and more.

I have set up this site with this in mind.

I am not promising to build you the biggest list online or sell more products than Amazon but I do promise to give you the relevant information you need to build a list and make money from your list and take your business to the next  level without spending ‘guru’ type fees on training!

Still interested?

If so just click on any of the icons to the right of this article to get started.

You don’t have to make the same mistakes I did so let me help you.

Based on my own trial and error  have put together s detailed step by step

guide to help anyone start their own Info Product Business from Scratch!

Click HERE to grab your FREE 8 Part Training course now and start building your very own info product business from scratch!

You also get Unlimited Email Support….Get stuck or simply have a question you only need to send me an email and I’ll get you back on track

Kind regards

Will D Kingshouse



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