Are You Sitting on A Bestseller but just don’t know it?

Are You Sitting on A Bestseller but just don’t know it?

One question that gets asked in many many different ways but all comes down to the same question is “how to make money online?”

I understand why this question is frequently asked because there seems to be so many ways to actually make money online and we often get carried away with the loopholes the strategies, the tactics and the magic and all sorts of other things that are used to describe quick and simple ways to make money online.

What it really comes down to is one simple thing and that is that to make money online you need to sell something! You need to give something of value in exchange for money. It could be a service or product. The product can be a tangible one like a book on Amazon or Ebay or a digital download like on Clickbank or JVZoo.

Now we know in simple terms what we need to do to make money we can focus next on “what can you sell?” or if you like “what thing of value do you have to sell?” You know that one thing that someone will give you money for. Basically if you’re not selling anything then you’re not making money either. It is that simple.

So, what have you got to offer your niche market? I know there are lots of books and video training telling you to simply go to places like clickbank or Amazon and look for the best sellers there or the top sellers or Product of the Day on JVZoo or Warrior Plus or some other place but wait! Let’s try something different.

Why don’t you try to sell something that is unique to you. Something of your own, something from your experience or expertise or even something that you’ve learnt and are willing to teach others so that they know it too and they can enjoy the same results as you had.

Does this sound too simple? Or does it sound a bit complex?

Seriously why don’t you find out what you have to offer and then see if anyone else is interested in learning about it.
Find out how much people are charging for how much people are willing to pay to learn what you already know.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised what problems people are having and what people are paying for the solutions.


Finding out is not at all complicated. Go to Google and enter a keyword phrase that best describes something you know or something you have experience in or something you can teach others to do.

If you can set up a beautiful WordPress website could you teach someone else how to do the same…or design and install such a site for a busy person? …and charge money for it?

You don’t think anyone would pay for that? Well, let’s be honest here how would you know without even checking?

There is no need to reinvent the wheel here. You may already have something to sell but you just don’t know what it’s worth. So it makes sense to follow the advice I’ve given above and find out what you have and what it’s worth.

We’ve established here that to make money online you need to sell something and you may already possess that something but you’ll never know until you check. So before you rush off to sell the bestsellers see if you already have a bestseller or topseller yourself that could be making money for you.

If you need a bit more detail on how to find out What to sell in your niche or How to find out what you already have to sell and determine it’s profitability then check out my other videos…they are free by the way.

I hope this helps.

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