Creating Content for your niche

Hi It’s Will D here and in this post I want to look at Creating                                                     Content for your niche. You might have heard it said that                                                 Content is King online. Even Google needs it!

To create any meaningful content for your niche you will                                                      need to find out what problems people in your niche are facing.

It goes without saying hat your audience will be more
responsive if you are actually helping them deal with a
problem or challenge they are having.

You basically want to create relevant content (solutions)
to address these problems/challenges for your audience.

It goes without saying that if you do not know what
the problems in your niche are then you have got no way of
knowing what solutions or products to create.

Trying to force people to buy something from you that they
have not asked for is not always a good strategy.

I am sure you have probably received offers for products that
you know for sure will be of no use to you. In other words
that product does not solve your problem and because this is
the case you will simply not buy it.

There are several ways you can find out what the problems
in your niche are.

Let’s now look at a few of them.

1. Forums
One way of finding out what the people in your niche are
having problems with is to go to the places where people
in your niche hang out. For instance the forums.

People on forums, come together to talk about nearly
everything that relates to their niche. They will ask
questions of other forum members to help them with their
problem. What you will also find is that there will be a good
number of forum members posting solutions to these problems.

What you then need to do is to visit these forums and see what
questions are going unanswered. Once you’ve got say about
10 to 15 of these questions, you can go and do some research
and find out the answers and put together a short report.

You can then let the forum know that you have a report
that has answers to their problem. Most forums allow you
a signature link at the bottom of each post. You will have to
check what the rules of your chosen forum are as they frown
upon people who seem to be spamming the forum. Make
sure your report is good quality information that you are
helping the forum with.
Those that download your report are sure to be more targeted
than you guessing what people want in your niche.

2. Ask!
Another way to find out what people in your niche are
having problems with is to simply ask your list (if you have
one). Once you get the answers you can put a report or audio
or video together to address the problem.

3. Visit Blogs
You can visit blogs in your niche and again find out
what questions people are asking.

4. Visit Yahoo Questions
You can also visit Yahoo questions online to find out
what questions people are asking.

5. Check out other market places
How about visiting Google, Amazon, eBay, Ezinearticles
or other such sites to find out what is popular. Most times
this indicates what people want. It is a simple matter of
demand and supply.
As you can see this is certainly not rocket science and
it is quite easy for anyone to do the things I listed here.
Take those questions and research them and provide answers.
This might seem like a lot of work (an it is) however you will
be learning a lot more about your niche than a lot of people in
your niche. You will be POSITIONING yourself as an EXPERT.

Your solution:
Just write your answers like you are writing a few articles and
you can even submit them to places like for
further recognition as an expert.

One main benefit of all this research is that you are not guessing
what people in your niche want since they have told you what they

A lot of people do not relish having to create their own product.
The way around this is to get someone else to do it for you or
simply purchase Private Label Rights and edit it accordingly.

Once you’ve got your product together you can then offer
it on your opt in page for free or at a low cost.

If you sell it you will be building a list of proven buyers – this
is actually the best list you can get.

Please note that I am not talking about a 60 or 100 page
report. You just need enough information to get people
to your landing page or squeeze page, 10-15 pages will get
read quickly.

Of course once they join your list you can then create more
elaborate training for them.

You can post your solutions to blogs, article directories
and even to your list.
I hope this helps.

If you have any questions on anything I have discussed here
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Have a great day!
><> Will DeMarro