How to make $100 a day?

As part of my online marketing strategy I often ask people on my list what they want to buy.

Now because no one really wants to buy anything I phrase the questions in such a way as to bring out what people are struggling with online with the view that I can create some info product that can make this problem go away for them.

Anyway I get the $100 a day question asked a few times and sometimes the figure is $50 a day but at the base of the question is “how can I make $X in X days/weeks/months”. There is usually an amount of money in a period of time.

It leads me to assume that some people’s freedom number is $50 a day and someone else’s freedom number is $100.

A freedom number is how much people need to make a day or a month to be able to live comfortably or replace their salary.

Anyway, my answer goes like this….

To make any kind of money online you need to SELL something (info product, ebook, videos, physical books, cars, clothes, gym memberships,leather bags,shoes, seminars, workshops etc)

To make a $100 a day

…. you need to sell something (that is worth $100/day)

Ask yourself…

1. Do I have something to sell for $100/day?

2. If not then am I willing to learn what to do to sell something for $100/day?

If you fall into the first category then cool. Start selling and make your $100 a day.

If you fall into the second category (a lot of people online do) then it’s time to do some research to find out what is selling for $100 so you can sell it.

Once you find something that sells for $100 you need to decide how many you will sell a day (10 at $10 each or 1 at $100)

Once you find this out you need to create it yourself or outsource the creation or look for an affiliate product that offers $100 as commissions, or buy Private Label Rights and sell it for $100 or get others to sell it for you.

I hope this makes sense.

High Ticket Items vs Low Ticket Items

Find the product that you can sell for $100 and then sell it for $100

If you are able to sell one product for $100 in 1 day then your daily quota is done

If you are able to sell 10 products for $10 then you would have still met your daily quota.

Let’s call the $100 product a high ticket item and the $10 product a low ticket item.

You only have to sell a few high ticket items to make the money we want (1/day).

You do have to sell more low ticket items to reach the same amount of money (10/day)

We have to make a choice then to sell Low Tickets or High Tickets.

Whichever one you choose will have an impact on your marketing.

Here’s an interesting fact.

Low ticket items are bought on a whim. Basically people don’t mind spending $7-$10 on a product however they will think twice before committing to buy a $100 product because a $10 product is bought on trust.

Do you have this trust?

If not then you might have to start small.

This means you have your $100 product but you do not try to sell it to your audience right off the bat. Instead you build trust starting with a $7 product and move up from there.

Email marketing is great for trust building so you would really want to consider building an email list and creating a product funnel. In your product funnel you can have products for $7 then $47 and then $97.

Each product would be increasing in value as the price goes up.

Obviously you would have more people buying your $7 and fewer buying your $97 product

Once you got things going you will soon be selling 1 $97 ($100) product a day.

I encourage you to look for a product that sells for $100 and then learn how to sell it for $100

You must start selling that product (1 or 10 a day) to make your $100 a day.

I hope this helps

Will D

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