How important is your goal to you in 2015…and are you going to achieve it?

In this article I just want to briefly discuss how important your goal is to you and how to achieve it without letting distractions win the day or year.
First of all you need to define your goal after some careful thinking and then secondly Work out a plan to achieve it.
Seems obvious but many people simply stop at writing down what they want but not what they have to do to achieve it so…
The purpose of this piece is to help you make sure you do what you have to to make the goals happen as opposed to taking the lottery approach and hoping the right numbers will fall in place…somehow.
Let’s therefore look at one of the things that can drown those plans to achieve your goals.


You need to be aware of those things that are really noise. They come with a lot of buzz and pull you away from achieving your goals. Let’s face it, anything that you allow to take up your time when you ought to be doing something else is really a time waster and will stand in your way of success.
Your goals need to be top priority so you can assign all your energies, efforts and whatever resources you need to get the job done and in the shortest time possible. It is likely that if you allow your goals to be ambushed by distractions then maybe your goals are not really a big deal for you or it is possible they are even unrealistic.
What’s it for you?
Too hard?
Too trivial?
Get it sorted. If the ding of an email or skype is getting in your way you really are going to have to ask yourself what is more important to you.
The distraction or the goal. Anything you are spending a lot of time on is really what you want to do by default. It becomes a habit and will become difficult to dislodge if you do not cut it off in a timely fashion.
I guess recognising this is very very important.
Anything holding you back is effectively what you have permitted to hold you back so you will have to deal with it and fast too if you are to achieve your goals that you know will move you along in life.
I really hope that has helped you deal in some way with treating your goal with the priority it
rightly deserves.
Will D.