Info Product creation – Is it really important to the success of your online business?

Let’s talk about Info Product Creation a bit..  I aim to show you some insight as to why I think it is important to the success of your online business …and not just mine.

Okay, let’s get started.

A lot of things online are supposed to have happened or should happen in a flash.

It’s quite strange but if you did not get the desired results in a flash it’s like you are a failure or your product is not going to work. 

I think this ‘flash phenomenon’  has kept a lot of marketers in business.

Yes, because we all seem to want the push button traffic and instant subscribers and so on. Very little mention is made of product creation which really does not happen in a flash.

Incidentally, each time we do buy one of those push button things we are buying a product!

I believe some marketers capitalise on the fact that people don’t like the four letter word W-O-R-K so they go along creating ‘products’ but call them ‘flashes’

Here is the kicker though. The $7 entry level products are not what makes them money though. 

It is the fact they have a number of different products they can sell to their list of buyers.

If what you are looking for is long term wealth then you should not be spending too much time on $7 products either. Ooops.  Moving on then….let’s try a question.

Got a list?

Most people build lists and then send loads of affiliate offers to make money.

What I really mean is that they stay on the $7 level. You have to admit that 

it can get quite boring when every other email is an offer to buy something and usually within the same price range say $7-$37.

If all you have been doing is sending affiliate offers to your list however big or small it has to be said that you are not just blowing away a huge amount of traffic but you are also sending your list or buyer off to someone else’s stuff and inviting the competition.

Of course this doesn’t mean you should only sell your products as afterall you may not be able to provide all the training products your list or customers need.

That said, you have to consider to what extent you are prepared to lose buyers

and subscribers for a commission particularly if you clearly have no products of your own.

How do you deal with the competition you have now created?

You have to accept that you have increased the number of emails your subscriber will now receive – your emails and those of the other marketer.

One way or the other a choice has to be made between your emails and those of the other marketer.

Think about the impact this competition will have on…

…your open rates for instance. 

Email marketing is still one of the top ways that sales are made online as it allows you to inexpensively build a customer base and keep in touch.

If people are not however opening your emails because you just keep sending them all over the internet when they do open your emails then they can’t click on your offers either.  Just sending your list from one new website to the next for a fast buck is a sure way to become invisible. This will inevitably lead to unsubscribes and ignored emails. 

I strongly believe you should create products to meet the needs of your list and not just trying to sell the next best thing because it promises some flash.

Get to know the people on your list – they are your market. Allow them get to know you and the ‘tailor made’ solutions you can provide…and yes some of this will have to be from affiliate products but it will be to meet a need – not for a fast buck.

With your own products you can attract affiliates to your offer for a commission.

You actually can solve your traffic problem this way by building a buyers list. 

Rather than simply sending offer after offer we can build a list, find out what our list needs help with, create or source the solution to sell it or give it away for free.