Finding Your Niche: Is Your SPIEL for Sale…Why not if not?

>> Listen on the move?


The way I understand it is that to make money online or offline for that matter you need to sell something.

Now rather than selling something popular or chasing after top sellers, best sellers that sort of thing at Amazon or Ebay or JVZoo even though that does work how about asking yourself what have I to sell?

In other words what have you to offer your target market or your target audience?
Think time, skill, expertise, experience and so on. The simple formula that’s worked for me is what I call the SPIEL. It simply means a story or yourself sales pitch.

Let’s look at the letters in SPIEL

S is for Story
…so the question is what is your story personally I do have a story and it is that a couple of years back I launched a product called “Build a list step by step!” I put together an Information Product based on what I had learnt about list building and marketing. I put this information product together and shared it basically on the affiliate networks like simple one click as it was at the time and the Warrior Forum and I didn’t start with any affiliate or joint venture partners but I was able to generate $870 and build a buyers list of 170.

Just for transparency, none of this set or broke any records online. I also had some issues with the software I used and had to take time out to sort things during the launch.

I believe I could have made more money at the time than the $870 that I just mentioned but basically that is my story.

With all that said, it was clear to me that my SPIEL (story) was worth money and because it was worth money I was then able to start working on how to scale up my a business so I could make even more money and have even more of a story. Make sense?

P is for Passion.
What’s the one thing that you would do first if you got given $500,000? That’s a question you need to ask yourself because that would be some indication as to what your passion is. It does not however include lying down on e deckchar on the beach somewhere sipping pina coladas. We are talking about working and earning a regular income. So what is your passion?

I is for interest
…what things interest you? I don’t know it may be repairing cars or tinkering with computers, could you repair computers for people could you install software could you install WordPress or come up with your own software that might help people to solve a problem that they have with WordPress and so on?

E stands for expertise
…similar to you interest what are the things that you are an expert in. Some people have gathered considerable experience over time and they’ve become experts in that particular area so what area is this for you? There might be somebody out there who is interested in your expertise to the point that they want to pay money for it.


L stands for learning
…what are you willing to learn to help you to achieve your goal online or offline to make money? And are you willing to teach others what you have learnt. I earlier gave my story where I had put together an information product so that others could know how to build a list.

It really comes down to looking for problems that people have then learning what you need to so you can solve those problems or if you’re already an expert in a particular subject area you simply share your expertise with them for free or for a price.

I was watching the Proactive commercial on a Sky channel and it showed people who had suffered from outbreaks and were miserable as it affected their confidence levels. Do you think their problem was solved when they found Proactive? Well of course and they said so.

Got a story about how you dealt with outbreaks of acne or pimples or whatever somebody somewhere probably wants to know how they can deal with their outbreak of acne and that’s a story that you have that you shouldn’t keep to yourself.

Seriously, what’s your story? Are you going to tell it? Are you going to offer it for sale?

You need to share it with others so that they too can enjoy the benefits that you did.