Productivity Online: More Accumulation than Implementation?

More Accumulation than Implementation?

Are you buying more more information in those subjects that interest you in the hope that you find that answer that you’ve been looking for for so long?

Thing is if you keep buying more and more information you also have to review the information which means you will constantly be spending time doing this. I liken it to constant research.

A case of More Accumulation than Implementation ;-(

I’ve learned from past experiences online that some of the time I spent doing research could have been spent actually trying out the information that I was gathering from my research in the first place. I don’t know is this the same with you?

Let me ask you this… Do you have a system in place to use the information that you have gathered so far from all your research? Seriously if you just keep buying more and more stuff and never really check it out to see if it actually works then you might be wasting money on stuff you do not even need!

How do I know?

Well I can answer that in just four words… Been there done that …

I will not waste your time here but to say when I realised I was constantly researching and hoping I’d find the missing link I simply decided to do what other successful Internet marketers were doing that is trying out the information that they had researched so far. Basically, try out the techniques, strategies, tactics, loopholes, magic and so on.

I then looked for a way to hold these people accountable. I set up what I wanted to do say build a list and then tried out the list building strategies that fit what I was doing.

I did not just watch the videos instead I did what they said with a view of seeing if it would work for me and if it didn’t I was going to ask why from the person I bought it from. I was not going to dump the training and my hard earned money to go looking for another course to answer the questions the last training had just raised.

Most people shy away from this and instead simply buy the product and hope for the best.

Anyway, I then decided to take things one step further and got coaching. Obviously this can be a costly option and set me back a few thousand dollars but t was well worth it.

Another question for you.

How much have you spent so far buying one $7 product here and one $47 there and a couple of free downloads and being on lots of lists trying to learn something? You might be surprised how much it comes to in the end and you probably are still struggling. Maybe you should get coaching too. I am not trying to sell you coaching by the way but just trying to highlight the fact that you really need to know what you need to know so you can move on.

I discovered there really was no point learning so many systems in so many ways from so many different marketers. There is no one way to make money online. Every marketer has their own way. They have found their own way through taking action on what they know works or at least working it until it works.

Seriously grab a coaching course or a mentor and learn what you have to THEN DO IT! I doubt you will spend more on coaching than you already have done. Ouch!

No point chasing so many different systems and being distracted or worse trying to cobble together so many different systems by so many different people some of whom I have no idea if they have actually done what they said they had done or they had just researched it.

I can confidently say to you that I now know all I need to know to make money online. I don’t chase loopholes, secrets and so on as much as I used to before (I still buy the odd ‘magic pill’ sometimes just to see what is being sold out there).

The difference is now I quickly reviewed the tactics in the training and because I have my own system set up I am able to tell if it works or not. I can discard it if it doesn’t.

Basically, I don’t download them and leave them on my hard drive for months on end….and then go and buy the next ‘magic pill’ or 3 clicks to $1 million button.

You will find that the marketers actually making money online are the ones who are taking action. They learn and then they put into action what they have learned AND they evaluate the RESULTS.

They are then able to SELL those results to others who want to get the same results.

My advice is quite simply this …learn something that really interests you then do it until you get results from your actions.

Now look for others who want to know how to do what you just did successfully.

And dare I say… Charge some money for it. Be reasonable.

You can see this will not work for those with the mindset that everything online ought to be free.  It has taken me sometime to put this article together and the clock did not stop for me to do it. It carried on counting its seconds and minutes so my time certainly means something. Nothing really is free bu that is a subject for another day.

So, Charge money for RESULTS not theory.

Go for More Implementation than Accumulation 😉

I hope this helps so that you can get down to getting results and helping others get results too…