Where Does List Building Fit In With Making Money Online?

You have heard it said ‘build a list’ ‘build a list’ or ‘the money is in the list’ ‘the money is in the list’.
In this short piece I want to take a quick look at how list building actually fits into the whole make money online things and why a lot of focus is on building a list in the first place.There are 2 things that are VERY CRUCIAL for your online success


Traffic – the people looking for the solution you are offering and

Traffic Conversion – getting the people to buy that solution from you.

It is known fact that people DO NOT always buy on their first visit to your sales page AND getting them in large numbers to your website will cost you money or time!You need to do the best you can with the traffic already arriving at your sales page or landing page.

I found list building to be the best way to CONVERT my traffic to buyers. Not slick sales copy but list building.

Building a relationship with your subscribers, finding out what they need help with, sourcing or creating it and then selling it or giving it away at no dollar cost.It is that simple. Implimentation though isn’t 🙂

I hope this somewhat explains why list building is important. I work on the basis that if you understand why you are doing something then you will be prepared to make it work. It works for me.

Anyway, here are the basic steps to building a profitable list. (I will deal with each one in detail in following posts.

1. The Right Mindset (contrary to what you may have heard you
won’t make money overnight!) Be prepared to work. It is also not about building a list and slamming that list with ‘buy me’ ‘buy me’ emails otherwise you will annoy your list and they will simply leave or ignore you.

2. Find a profitable niche and become an expert in it if you are not already one

(you might have to buy training or use your already gained skills for this).

3. Find out what the challenges in your niche are AND Create or Source solutions to address them in exchange for an email address so you can keep in touch OR create a low cost solution to build a buyers list. Buyers lists are somewhat more responsive than freebie subscriber list.

You want to create something that has value but is not the size of a phone book!

4. Write an email campaign (for relationship building and marketing). Don’t get bogged down wondering how often you need to send out emails. How many times do you call a friend? to tell them something exciting?

5. Build a list building website. Whoever comes to your squeeze page or opt in box can either join or leave. (Build a list step by step! shows how to do this).

6. Drive targeted traffic to your opt in box… You must have traffic to build your list and there are many sources available and they all convert differently. Some sources can cost a lot.

7. Ask your subscribers or customers what they are having problems with. (note their responses as this really is your next product).

8. Create the solution(s) from their responses.

9. Write sales copy for your new product. Basically explain why anyone should bother with your solution. Answer the top question people have in mind when faced with a buy decision. What’s in it for me?

Sell benefits not ‘hypnotic’ words or psychobabble.

10. Sell your product (solution) or give it away for free. Do it all again in a MASSIVE way and make profits!In fine I hope you can see where list building fits in to all this.In subsequent posts I will touch on each of the other areas.

I hope this piece has been useful.


Will D Kingshouse

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Productivity Online- Something to think about…

I was not feeling tops today and just had to go to bed early.

Anyway, I woke up at 2217 hrs and decided to check my emails to
deal with subscribers questions and then read a few other emails
– you know the salesy type.

I simply wanted to take things easy as I had just sort of got my
strength back.

After dealing with a few emails though it struck me that I was
falling into the old routine of ‘mindlessly’ checking emails. I had
checked my subscriber emails but was now not looking for anything                                         in particular, I was just trying to reduce the number of emails in my
my inbox – I was simply passing the time.

I realised this and stopped the time wasting promptly.

Can you relate to this?

Let me ask you this?

What one thing do you need to do today to get you closer to
your goal?

…and what’s the next thing? …and the next?

My reason for asking is that I knew I had quite a few things to do
but thought nothing of mindlessly reading emails.

The truth is I was going to tire myself out reading emails that did
not really mean much and then not have the strength to actually
deal with what I really should have been doing.

Bottom line?

Focus on the one thing you really need to do…and do it! … and then                                      do the next one!!!

Otherwise you only realise a few hours later that you really have not                                       accomplished much at all. That can be quite frustrating.

I mean you turn on the computer at times and have no idea what you
need to get done. The end result is that you will tend to do what comes                                 easy to you and that usually is to ‘react’. You deal with what’s in your inbox.

The other scenario is that you know you have loads to do but you think…                                   let’s just check a few emails first which is cool if this only took 10 minutes                                 but 2 hours later you are still at it!

How come?

Well you have drifted into watching a few YouTubes or some
amazing limited offers and by the time you get back on track to
do some ‘real’ work you are tired or have to go pick up the kids
from school or some other important errand.

I am sure you can relate to some of this.

It would certainly be better to work on being productive and
focus on the things that need to be done.
I know this is not the latest Facebook strategy, or how to rank
No. 1 on YT in 48 hours and so on but it is very important as
times wasted cannot really be regained.

Think about it. If you freed up 1 hour or 2 hours instead of
wasting it on irrelevant things would you be able to complete 2
things or 3 things that really matter to you? I sincerely think so.

By the way you, if you want some help with increasing your
productivity so you can get more things done in less time then
you want to download this resource I put together for you.

Yes, download this productivity resource now and get productive.


Will Kingshouse DeMarro


Success Mindset – You Must Have It To Succeed Online!

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people are of the opinion that they will start an online business, quit their jobs and just kickback and have a great time.  They reckon their success will arrive overnight and that they will be making money while they sleep.

They have bought into those slick sales pages that mention ‘Gurus’ sleeping until late in the day just to wake up and log on to their computer to find they have made a screen full of sales. No kidding but this wrong mindset may be responsible for a great deal of failures online.

Anyway, let’s inject some reality into all this. For any information marketing business to have success you have to do some work. Oh yes that much dreaded word called …WORK.  Most 9-5 jobs demand that you exchange your time for money. Some people do 12 hour shifts for 5-6 days and then spend about 2 hours commuting to and from work.

Let’s be honest here your online business involves work too.  For your information business to be successful be ready to invest time and effort in it…and money too.  Infact treat it like your second job. Be prepared to lose sleep…actually lots of it. Not many people who come online are willing to lose sleep to learn what they need to succeed online. It goes without saying that without the proper input the business is set up to fail.

Can I be so bold to say be ready to buy some duds online! Not everything you buy online will work for you. Don’t just fold up once it does not work for you. Find out why. Don’t second guess the creator of a training program especially if it has really worked for them. Be prepared to learn. If you knew it all you would not be buying their program.

I have personally bought a few duds and learned something from them. Like what not to buy next time for instance 🙂
Be aware that you could be going for a long time spending the little you have for months or even years before you see your first Dollar. You could make one sale and the person later asks for a refund. Find out why and remedy the situation. With the right mindset you can deal with any situation and change the outcome. It’s all about how you deal with things.

I was aware people were making money online however the picture looked much better when I started making money online. It suddenly became real.

Those who go out looking for instant success are setting themselves up to meet scam artists and lose money and waste time.

Bottom line: Know what you need to do and then DO IT!  Second guessing the creator of that training program or ebook you just bought will not do much for your bank account except drain it.

A lot of people probably know more than the so called gurus themselves, the difference is the gurus know what works and the others don’t beccause they have never tried it. They are too busy ‘reviewing’ products instead of actually using them.

It is a fact that people are making money online and you can too. Don’t expect it to happen overnight (I am not saying it is impossible if you know what to do and do it on a massive scale). You must expect to work long hard hours. Don’t expect people to just give you their money simply because you have set up a sales page. Get more traffic than you think you need to your squeeze page or sales page. Be prepared to give value and earn your keep. Think a little differently so you can get the results you expect.

By the way if you want to read some more on Success and Productivity Mindset                Download the free content I have put together for you at:  http://kingshouseonline.com/RightMindsetMarketing1.html


To your success

Will D




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