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Always buying info products? Why not create and launch your own? Starting today!                        

Discover The Formula For Creating & Launching Your Own Info Products from scratch to make Quick Cash In Hours Not Agonizing Weeks! 

…starting with no list, no affiliates and no JV partners…

Hi Quick Cash Warrior,

It’s Will D here.

I’ll quickly get to the point here..I’m sure you’ve read a lot of sales pages already so…

If you are like me and maybe a few others then you’ve most likely spent money and time on information products that promised to show you loopholes, gimmicks, push button strategies that only work at certain times or totally unworkable blueprints.

STOP! It’s time for a rethink…otherwise your frustrations will continue.

Could it be you have got this whole make money online thing completely wrong?

Look after a lot of painful trial and error I now know that if you really want to make money online or build a list of buyers then the ‘secret’ that is not really a secret is that you need to be sell something to people who want to buy it. Best if what you are selling is yours to sell in the first place as you need control.

When I first came online a few years ago all I wanted to do was make a bit of money to supplement my income. I was not looking at quitting my job or anything like that so I started out with affiliate marketing as it seemed easy and I did not need to have a website of my own or pay for an autoresponder to build a list or bother with customer service. 

Trial and error later I found I was always on the lookout for fresh traffic to send to my affiliate links all because I was not building a customer list Arrrgh!  For each of the 100% of visitors that came to my affiliate link only about 2-5% made a purchase while the rest left never to be seen again. This happened each time I needed to promote again. 

On top of that I was really building my affiliate product owners lists (both buyers and subscribers). Can’t blame him really as I was more interested in the buyers whom I could not even I could not regularly contact to see if they needed something more. I was effectively leaving money on the table as they say.

How crazy is that?

It’s sad when you think that all I really needed to do was to find out what people wanted to buy, Create or outsource it and of course sell it! Mark you I am talking about creating products that solve real problems for real people not gimmicks.

Now stay with me here as this is not as hard as you might think..

You just need to do things step by step and then do it over and over again. A lot of people don’t and this is where failure comes in.

Now doing this over and over again will give you an email list of buyers/customers and you can have affiliates promoting the products for you! And Yes, there are actually people out there who have lists and want to promote your product as it saves them having to create one of their own. 

You with me so far?

This is not a fly by night stuff. Creating and Selling your own products is a solid strategy that plain and simply works! Actually it does not look like it’s going to stop working anytime soon. No gooroo qualifications required.

Don’t believe me?

Go over to JVZoo or Clickbank or Amazon or JVZoo and see the thousands of products for sale there.

What about places like Muncheye…JVZoo or Warrior Plus. These places host lots of product launches. Will yours be next??

When I was promoting affiliate stuff I could not change the prices or commissions,

I could not change the content,

I could not give it away for free if I wanted to…

…basically I had no control over what I was promoting.

That’s all changed.

With my own products I can now put a price of my choosing,

decide how much I offer affiliates,

I can include what I like in the product, change the format like from ebook to video and so on.

I have control.

I can build a list of buyers, a list of affiliates and so on.

Basically I am growing my own info product empire by creating and selling my own products online.

Is affiliate marketing dead then?

Of course not just that those making real money have products and lists to sell products to or JV with others for profits..

Imagine Turning Small Info Products into Quick Cash and Adding Hundreds of Buyers to Your List Every Time you launch and Affiliates promoting your offers.

Let me show you how to do this step by step and without maxing out your credit cards.

I’ll share with you my personal Step-By-Step system for quickly and easily creating and launching digital information products to the Warrior Forum and Warrior Plus. You can do same to JVZoo and Zaaxa and other such networks to build a list of customers, Joint Venture Partners, Affiliates and generate some quick cash in the process.

Quick Cash Formula!


Here’s some of what’s covered in the QCFormula

The QCFormula will help you to find out what your market want/needs, show you how to CREATE it AND how to LAUNCH it to where people want to buy it so you get your Quick Cash!

QCFormula is not a ‘brain dump’ where you get all the information in one go and just read it all and wonder what to do with what you have just learned. Instead, QCFormula is delivered in 6 modules as a PDF and shows you step by step EXACTLY what to do and How to do it so you can start to make some quick cash you have been looking for. Each step explained fully and if you get stuck you simply email me.

  • Module 1 – I show you EXACTLY how to find out what people are struggling with and what they want to buy before you even create it.
  • Module 2 – How to actually create eBooks, videos and mp3’s very quickly so you can start selling your product (no more spending months doing this!)
  • Module 3 – How to write your sales copy without being a copywriting guru.
  • Module 4 – Delivery of your info product & building a buyers list
  • Module 5 – Launching your product. EXACTLY what to do before , during and after the launch of your product
  • Module 6 – Making profits by getting the maximum leverage from your product!
  • NOTE: I don’t just TELL YOU what to do I ACTUALLY SHOW YOU WHAT TO DO! I go into each of those modules and explain things step by step so you can create and launch your own info products rather than just buying and reading WSO’s. And if anything is missing I still have you covered with my email support system 😉

Here Is More of What You Get When You Grab Your ‘Quick Cash Formula’ Today …

  • How to find a market that wants to buy what you want to sell (takes away guessing and risk of flops!)
  • How to quickly create your products (ebook, video or audio). This one strategy will speed up your product creation dramatically so you can push out more quick cash Formula.
  • The step by step blueprint to create and launch your product successfully.
  • How to attract affiliates to your WSO/product
  • How to set up your product in Warrior Plus and the Warrior Forum
  • How to leverage your product and generate Quick Cash to turn your online business into a profitable one.
  • How to create your ecovers without spending any extra each time you launch a new product!
  • How to use the ‘Multi Platform Approach’ to ensure maximum exposure for your product/WSO.
  • 3 solid traffic generation sources that will send even more highly qualified traffic to your wso sales page.
  • I’ll show you how to scale and increase profitability.
  • How to build your buyers list AND make quick cash at the same time!
  • How to get the social proof you need for your product even before you launch it!
  • How to establish credibility for yourself even if it’s your first WSO
  • How I determine what day and time to launch my WSO for maximum profits
  • An almost set and forget strategy that will get more traffic to your sales page.
  • And lots more!

There is also an upgrade to take things to the next level if you decide to. [That said, You do not need the upgrade to make the QCWSO work.] It simply shows you how to properly monetize your new list (or your present list). I know you hear it all the time that the money is in the list. Thing is you will not make money from or with your list except you learn how to. It’s not about sending sales email after sales email either as that is simply a guarantee to annoy people and get them unsubscribing or ignoring your emails.


I repeat QCWSO is complete on it’s own and does not need the upgrade to work but I just thought to let you know of the opportunity to properly monetize your new quick cash list without burning it out 😉

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That on its own is difficult to put a price on as it involves my time. You’ll agree with me that My time here is worth more than the whole WSO put together.

If you get stuck at any point then all you need do is send me an email and you’ll get a priority answer, guidance and support. If I am online you’ll get an answer there and then otherwise it will be within 24 hours.
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You could spend many hours trying to create your products without this. I am saving you time and effort here and giving you something that will enable you churn out products faster and with minimum effort. No excuses then not to create and launch your own wso.

Just follow my formula.WSO. I speak from experience when I say This is a HUGE timesaver!


Fast Mover Bonus Number 4:

Your “Do This” Checklist to ensure you do the things that will complete your WSO. 
You can see exactly where you are at and how much you have left to do.

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That’s A Total Value of $298!

All Yours Today For Only…

I have made it easy for you to go ahead and grab your copy of QCWSO right now. The price will be rising after every few purchases so the more you wait the more you pay!

If you want it then hit the “Buy now” button and in a few clicks of the mouse you will be able to download your ‘Quick Cash WSO’ and be on your way to launching your WSO for profits without having to resort to yet another WSO.

Why am I practically giving this away?

Let me ask you this.
What is it worth to you to be able to create and launch your own products online, build a buyers list, have others promote it for you and you make some quick cash too?

I could price this at $97 but let’s face it, you may be wondering if you should invest in the Quick Cash WSO or not so I simply want to give you every reason to say yes! I don’t want you to think too hard about getting it and end up missing out on what it can do for you.

I am confident that once you use the blueprint you will want to leave me good feedback 😉 hence I am happy to reward fast movers with a really low price for top value.

As a Warrior I make no apologies for over-delivering. I have benefited a lot from top value offers made available here for a very small investment. You could say I am following some good marketing and also saying ‘thank you’ to the Warriors. It’s a win win win situation.


This is not an ebook but a 6 modular training.

You are not expected to read it in one sitting.

There are no 3 buttons to press for traffic, money and no work!

You are expected to do some work at the end of each module so you get the results you are looking for.

Seriously, you are getting a bargain here but you’ll need to buy now to get the best deal as the price keeps going up!

Plus, you are also covered by my…

If you don’t like the ‘Quick Cash WSO’ method for any reason, You simply let me know and you get a quick refund. No need to tell any stories to PayPal.

Okay Will I want the Quick Cash WSO

I Understand I’ll also get the following.

                                      1: 60 Days Unlimited Email Support

                        2: How to choose your product topic – step by step video.

3: The Fast Cash Product Creation Formula Checklist. 

    4: Your ‘Do This’ Product Checklist 

Plus, I also understand that I’m covered 100% by your 60 Days No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

Once your payment goes through you’ll get instant access to your downloads; even if it’s 3am.

Thanks for checking out my offer. I’m sure You’ll love it!

Remember, The quicker you get this the less you pay! 

Will DeMarro <><

Click on the ‘Buy Now” button above to grab your copy before the price goes up!

P.S. Don’t forget, you’re getting immediate access to ‘Quick Cash Formula!’ including the email support and the bonuses!

P.P.S. You are also covered 100% by my no questions asked guarantee for a full 60 days, so if you decide you don’t want it for any reason or no reason at all, just email me and I’ll refund every cent right away!


Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that you will make a certain amount of money like I did. That depends on a number of things out of my control like your skill level, desire to work, commitment, how you follow instructions and so on. I cannot be held responsible for your making or not making money with the Quick Cask WSO. That said, I do not see why you will not make money if you follow the step by step blueprint I show you in this report.


Note that you could either make or lose money and I cannot be held responsible for that. You take full responsibility for your actions.