Something for the weekend!


I used to do this maybe a year or two ago and thought let’s try
doing it again.

I look for something I think appropriate and send out for the

You might therefore get 2 emails from me. Please don’t get
mad. I saw this and thought it useful as it does answer some
of the questions I have been asked recently or in the past or
that I have even asked myself. I write a lot but I can’t possibly                                              write everything.

Questions like…

What do I sell?

Where to get product ideas?

Will they buy something that expensive?

Is there a market for that?

How do you protect your download? (see posts 21-23)

How much should I sell my product afterall everyone else seems
to be selling for $7?

Is the Warrior Forum just full of people who want o buy $7

Is it just hype that people make $10,000 a month online?

and so on

Anyway you will find this story not so spectacular but it is
what worked for this Warrior and he chose to share. I have some
of his products too and without sounding silly there was really
not much there that made me go wow!

That said I have not yet made $25,000 in a month so I was
willing to learn.

If you are in the same boat as me then maybe you could learn
something here.

I’ll shut up and let you go check out the article.

Let me know what you think of it.

Have a great weekend!

God Bless

Will D

PS Check out the number of ‘Thanks’. I believe it’s because this article helped them. Did it help you?