Productivity Online: Still Searching for the Missing Link?

Could this be why you are not getting results from all those info products you’ve downloaded?

Are you frustrated that you have been buying and downloading information product after information product with very little to show for it in your bank account.



You are probably looking for the so called missing link.

As a child growing up, I loved putting jigsaw puzzles together but it was very defeating when I would sometimes find there was a crucial piece missing.  It just made me want to keep looking for it until I found it otherwise the whole puzzle would just not be complete.

Ever felt like that?

This is probably why we go searching and buying more and more information in the form of ebooks, videos, webinars and what have you…basically whatever we can spend our money on and sometimes it’s borrowed money….like from our Credit card.

Anyway I have learned from past experience and after spending a few thousand dollars that the missing link we are looking elsewhere for is probably inside what we already have. We simply need to put what we have learned to the test to see if it works as the claims say rather than just relying on head knowledge.

What usually happens is that we buy stuff and having downloaded it to our computer we leave it there to gather digital dust rather than review it or evaluate it .

I think I have a fair idea why this is the case with most people.

It goes like this…

We see something that catches our fancy and we either give up our email address to have it for free or we buy the information problem is that shortly afterwards we see something else that also catches our fancy and that we think we must have and so we download that too.

We then take a look at the package and if the marketer has over delivered it means we have a lot more to look at than we bargained for. We have very little time to review this package and we soon receive an email asking us to click a link in it and off we go again…to accumulate more information and the cycle continues.

The end result being that the information we have is rarely evaluated never mind acted on and so we fail to get the results promised.

The other disadvantage is that we end up with information from so many different sources that it is just a challenge to see how it could all work together anyhow. 

We gather a little from here a little more from over there and so on. We have a lot of head knowledge but nothing has been implemented so we have no idea what works and what doesn’t. as we have not tested it.

Just knowing a lot but not really making any money is not good enough.

No kidding but after doing this over and over again it became quite clear that the time I had spent hopping from one site online to another could have been better spent.

Let me ask you this… Do you feel the same way…if so do you have a system in place to use the information that you have gathered so far from all your research? Seriously if you just keep buying more and more stuff and never really checking out to see if it actually works you will really not make much progress. How do I know?

Well I can answer that in just four words… Been there done that now I am not going to waste your time stating the obvious here but to share…how I got over this no results saga.

Firstly, when I realised that I was unconsciously looking for the missing link that probably did not exist I simply decided to do what successful Internet marketers were doing that is trying out and testing the information that they had received you know the techniques, strategies, tactics, loopholes, magic and whatever other names are used to describe them to see if they actually worked in real life.

Secondly, I did not stop there… I knew that I wanted to see results so I looked for a way to hold myself accountable by asking questions when I got stuck (and I did get stuck a few times).  I’d ask the marketer questions… surprsingly most replied and others didn’t but I can assure you I learnt a lot this way getting my questions answered and making progress. I didn’t simply abandone things once I hit a snag along the way instead I took action and here is the best part…I started seeing results.

Thirdly, having got into the habit of actully trying things out I then decided to invest in coaching as it was clear there is a whole lot of success out there but each successful marketer has their own method and you’d have to learn that persons method to have their kind of success. It made sense then to look for the person with the success was looking for and see if they had a Home Study Course or Coaching. I don’t have to say it cost money but it was well worth itto know what needed to rather than trying to reverse engineer everything or try to be smart and fail.

I really don’t want to learn everything just the bit that gets me the results I need.

So if you want to reduce the steep learning curve then a coach or mentor can show you their method and save you having to learn 7 other marketers methods and once you have success you can add your own stuff to it.

I basically stopped chasing so many different systems and am no longer trying to cobble together so many different systems by so many different people some of whom I have no idea if they had actually done what they even claim to have done.

No more chasing loopholes, secrets and the latest must and can’t do without inventions.  Don’t get me wrong I still buy training …e-books or videos occasionally but I quickly review them to see if they are of any benefit to me in my business which means I don’t download them and leave them on my hard drive for months on end. 

Fourthly, Ask more questions like is this a solution to a problem I have or just a fad?  Is it just something I want to buy because the sales copy is really pressing my buttons and thus pulling me in or is it my curiosity  or am I just in one of those states of mind to spend money no matter what?

You will have to accept that we still buy things based on emotions and then justify the purchase later logically so taking a step back before any purchase will do you good. Its worked for me.

In fine then it has to be said that the people making money online are those putting the strategies they’ve learned into action. At the end of the day Information is just that until you Act on it and it becomes alive and gets you results.

And to those emails screaming click this link well maybe you are going to be too busy doing things to get results that you have no real time for these emails.

Learn what you have to,

put what you have learned to the test and

get results

share your results with others

and dare I say…charge bit of money for it.

Anything you buy should improve your business rather than sit of your hard drive for ages so next time you download an info products determine to make it work for you! 

I hope you found this useful so that you can get down to getting results, saving time and making money.