What to sell online: 5 Strategies to help you decide

One of the simplest ways to make money online or offline for that matter is to sell something. I guess once you get over that you need to decide on what to sell to make the money?

So …how do you decide what to sell? The short and simple answer is we need to do some basic research.

In this article we will focus on five (5) strategies that will help you decide what to sell to make money online but first of all let’s start by answering why anyone would want to buy anything from you in the first place.

People will generally buy something from you if they believe your product or service is a solution to a problem they have.

Working then on the basis that people will buy problem solvers it makes sense to focus on what people are having problems or challenges with so you can provide a product or servce that offers the solution so you can of course sell it…and make money.

Okay here are the 5 proven strategies as promised to help you decide what to sell to make money online and cut out costly guess marketing.

1. Ask your target audience directly.

If you have an email list then without further delay send your list a broadcast asking questions like…What are you struggling with? or Is there anything I can help you with? Or what challenges are you having with so and so…

On your blog or YT channel ask people to leave a comment or question with whatever they need help with.

Depending on the number of replies/comments you get you will find that people generally have similar issues. Take note as you are looking at the building blocks for your next product! You can package your answers in a pdf or video and your target audience would be happy to pay for your solutions. You would be helping them with solutions to their pressing problems.

2. Note buying phrases on popular buying platforms like Clickbank, Warrior Plus, JVZoo, Amazon and Ebay to mention a few.

At the Warrior Plus platform I discovered the top 3 buyer keyword phrases were WordPress, PLR and Software.

Just a thought… What would happen if you were to create a WordPress plugin and offered the PLR or some other licence as the upsell?

What about a plugin lite version for free to build a subscriber list and the full version as an upsell or a monthly membership for anyone who wants the full features for to come.

These buyer keyword/phrases indicate the pain or problems people have and you can create or source products in these areas to meet their needs….and dare I say they will be happy to pay you handsomely for it.

3. What are people buying now?

It really is not difficult to find out what people are spending money on. Seriously, market platforms like Ebay, Amazon, Clickbank, Etsy, JVZoo or WarriorPlus and check out the best sellers. They are already arranged for you.

If you are already selling things then what are people buying from you? What are your bestsellers? Are you selling more of those? Yobu should.

Remember, people want to buy solutions to problems they have. A little reverse engineering will enable you know what problems each bestseller solves. Words like fast, compact, light, money saver, space saver, upgraded, new improved version, easy to maintain and so on are clues as to why people bought the product.

Not too long ago I bought a Nutribullet blender simply because of it’s faster chopping speed to what I already had at the time.

So read product reviews and FAQ’s. You can then create or source a product that solves the speed proplem or the price problem or the space problem and meet needs and get paid.

4. Ask: What’s trending in my niche?

This is another easy win. I subscribe to Ebay Trends and they send me what is trending. These are based on what people are buying more of now. It also show what searches people are making and the prices of the top items trending. Google trends is another area to look into as it does similar.

5. Ask: What questions are people asking?

Visit popular niche blogs and see what people are asking questions about. Vsit niche forums and do the same.

If you do a Webinar simply ask what people need help with. If you are on a webinar then listen out to what people are asking questions about.

Visit Quora or Yahoo answers and see what questions people are asking.

Look, there is huge competion out there and if you knew what people want to buy then it follows that you would know what to sell without guessing what people without trying to sell what everyone else is selling.

Do your research and discover what people want to buy by finding out what they are struggling with right now. Sell solutions and not just items or products because people want to pay for the solutions to their problems.

Now to find out what people need help with, create or outsource it, sell it and of course make money too.

I hope you found this helpful.

Will D

You can also listen to the audio version of this article at:  https://soundcloud.com/will-demarro/what-to-sell-online-5-strategies-to-help-you-decide